High Quality Nichrome 80 Resistance Wire.

Nichrome 80 series resistance wire is composed of 20% Chromium and 80% Nickel. It’s a low resistance wire under normal circumstances. When dealing with the thinner gauges of this wire (32-44g) the resistance is much higher than you’d expect.

The 20-26g can be used for single strand coils.

The 27-28g can be used for core wires of multi-strand Claptons like Alien Claptons but the thinner gauges (32-46g) will not perform well as a standard coil so if you’ve never used high gauge wire before, make sure you’re buying the appropriate wire for your build before purchasing.

The thinner gauges (32-44g) are for Clapton coils, multi-strand twisting or to add a bit of colour to your coil-art.

MSRP: 20g-22g £23.99, 24g-26g - £27.99, 27g - £20.99, 28g-32g - £25.99, 34g-44g - £27.99


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